Bob Kelly

Fox 29 - Traffic Reporter

Nils Nelson

Owner of "The Creative Eye"

    "WOW..You did a fantastic job! I love how you cut back-and-forth between your footage and the live footage on Fox. I love it!”
                                                         - Bob Kelly [Fox 29- Traffic Reporter]

Client Testimonials

Floss Lang

Wedding Client

Dr. Jonathan Pontell M.D. F.A.C.S. 

Certified Plastic Surgeon

 “Joe created a wedding video that allows me to experience my daughter's wedding over and over.  He captured the highlights from which memories are made. Joe spent much preparation time previous to the wedding, which made the day relaxing for all. He followed the wedding ceremony and festivities allowing the bride and groom to completely enjoy their special day.”
                                                                 - Floss Lang [Wedding Client]

     "Joe Paciotti has done a couple of videos for my medical practice. Despite the fact that he was relatively new in the industry, he did a phenomenal job. He clearly has a gift for video production and loves what he does. I highly recommend him." 
             - Dr. Jonathan Pontell M.D. F.A.C.S.  [Certified Plastic Surgeon] 

​​ "Our experience with J.Pac Productions was nothing short of EXTRAORDINARY AND AMAZING! Joe went above and beyond to please us and make sure he was on top of everything. By far our most professional, talented and easiest-going vendor we worked with during our wedding! We’ve benefited from working with J.Pac Productions in so many different ways, people are still raving over our video (as are we) & we feel as though we had to put little to no effort in to this part of the wedding planning because Joe did it all for us! We are so thankful to have the best wedding video to reflect back on!"   - Regina Henry James [Wedding Client]

Jeff Krieger

Vice President of Marketing - CertFocus

​“Joe is a real positive & professional person to work with, he is always looking for new ideas and thinking outside of the box on all of my projects. His editing skills are amazing in post production.”
                                                 - Nils Nelson  [Owner of The Creative Eye]

Betty Graham

Vice President, Aston Township Historical Society

 “J. Pac Productions was recommended by another historical society, I contacted Joe and he met us at our local historical site, the Village Green School House in Aston, Pa. He was polite, respectful and interested. He willingly took direction from a couple of board members and gave us a lovely video to add something special to our website.  Joe was given a Delaware Co. Heritage Commission award for which we nominated him. I later asked Joe to do a special job for me at another historical site at which I also volunteer. He took a trip with one of our grounds managers and filmed all of the behind the scenes locations that I am no longer able to walk to with-in the mansion and on the grounds of The Grange Estate in Haverford Township. And last but not least, friends of mine were getting married and needed a person to record their wedding service. They were very pleased with Joe and his work.”
           - Betty Graham  [Vice President, Aston Township Historical Society]

Regina Henry James

Wedding Client

   "Joe was not just one of, but the most delightful and professional person that I have had the pleasure to work with. His demeanor and character was appreciated by the CertFocus team, and most importantly by our customers he captured interviews from.  The content he got the customers to reveal went way beyond our expectations. There are cases where words can not detail the level of satisfaction, and this is one of them. A great guy, has amazing equipment, was on time, he maintained a professional appearance, and made the process simple."
                                                                       - Jeff Krieger [CertFocus]

Anita Defrancesco

Book Author

      "I am very pleased with my experience working with J.Pac Productions. I liked that he was patient and accommodating with my project. He offered ideas and suggestions which gave me that team connection that I was looking for. My overall experience was positive and fulfilling."
                                                           - Anita DeFrancesco [Book Author]

"Joe does all of our videos, table tents, handles our web site, and even designs graphics for our digital signage tv that is displayed in the restaurant. Joe is very creative and dedicated to what he does. I would highly recommended J.Pac Productions services to anyone”
                                             - John Paciotti  [Owner of The Coffee Station]

Joe Voci

JDV Electric Owner

(267) 428-1581

​​      “Joe did a short video displaying the level of service we offer to our customers along with a testimonial video. Joe takes his time and uses his expertise to get the perfect shot, I will definitely use again.”
                                                              - Joe Voci  [Owner of JDV Electric]

"J.Pac did a wonderful job of doing a video of our historical site. He did a video of our Harvest Day activity in a very professional manner and didn’t disturb any of our re-enactors when they were making their presentations. The video was so good that we decided not to add a narrative and let it speak for itself. We have used the video in a number of ways over the last 2 years. We have used it for those people who are physically handicapped and are unable to go upstairs to provide for them a visual of the second floor of the house museum. We have used the video for presentations to local civic groups and social clubs when asked to make a presentation of our house museum at their meetings. All in all, our experience with J.Pac Productions was extremely favorable and we would recommend J.Pac to anyone. We are going to use J.Pac again for our museum in the near future.” 

            - Richard Paul [Chairman of The Delaware County Heritage Commission]​​

John Paciotti

Owner of The Coffee Station

Richard Paul

Chairman of the Delaware County Heritage Commission 


Philadelphia, PA